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Mobile Auto Repair, We Bring the shop to you. On-Site car and automobile 911 repair service. Your Car’s local emergency services on the go.

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With our traveling auto mechanic services, we will come to your aid and rescue. We can help and get you and your car back on the road.

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About Caeser,
Baltimore’s Best Mobile Mechanic

Hi, I’m Caeser, Baltimore’s Best Mobile Mechanic and I care about you and your vehicle! As a mobile mechanic, I service every one of the many historic neighborhoods the city is famous for, as well as all of the surrounding areas. No matter where you are having trouble, I have the experience and the tools to get you back on the road. I service foreign and domestic cars, trucks, SUVs, limousines, busses you name it. Phone me if you have any questions whatsoever about your vehicle. Sometimes you can detect problems early when your vehicle just isn’t sounding right. Other times problems come up unexpectedly and are completely unavoidable.

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Car Repair & Maintenance

Pre-Inspection / Used Car Inspection Baltimore

Before you spend your hard-earned cash to purchase a used car it is important to have a mechanic inspect the vehicle so that you don’t unknowingly make a bad decision. Some problems are easy for anyone to see, including fluid leaks or damage from an accident. However, some problems are hidden, but a qualified mechanic with a code scanner can identify them easily and instantly. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing everything about the used car you are buying. As a mobile mechanic, I have all the tools needed to do a complete diagnosis right on the spot. Make sure you call me for a pre-purchase used car inspection before you buy a used car so you don’t have to call me after!

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On-Site Vehicle Repair Baltimore!

Have you broken down? There are alternatives to having your vehicle towed to a mechanic or a dealership for repairs. I can come to you and fix almost any problem you may be experiencing on-site. By choosing on-site vehicle repair you can receive diagnostic and repair services without disruption to your daily life. Many people ignore problems with their vehicles because they really don’t have the time to leave them at a shop for up to three days. Now you don’t have to wait to receive a diagnosis or repair your vehicle. Call today and experience the convenience of on-site vehicle repair or book an appointment online at and save %20 off your first repair.

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Top Vehicle Diagnostics Baltimore!

Is your check engine light on? Can you hear a rattle from your vehicle somewhere? Is your engine producing weird sounds or smells? I can happily help you with whatever feels different about your vehicle, even if you can’t quite identify the source. You know when something changes with your vehicle. If you think there is something different, you’re probably right and it never hurts to check. You can save hundreds on repairs by diagnosing issues before they lead to greater problems. Because I am mobile, I can visit you on your own schedule. Now you don’t have to worry about leaving your vehicle at a shop for an extended period of time. I use state-of-the-art computers which plug directly into your vehicle to scan your vehicle for error codes. Then use diagnostic software, specific to the make, model and manufacturer of your vehicle to learn the source of the problems your vehicle has. Knowledge is power, once we have identified the problem you can choose to fix it, or if it is a feature that doesn’t affect the overall function of the car you can choose to leave it alone. If you have questions about your vehicle, I have the answers. Call today or book an appointment online and save 20% at

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Brake Replacement And Repair Baltimore!

Can you remember the last time you had your brakes checked? If you can’t, don’t worry, it is the most commonly overlooked basic maintenance procedure. This is because often there isn’t a check brake light in most cars like there is for oil and other things that require regular replacing. Some new vehicles do have a “check brakes,” warning light, so if this light is flashing, your brakes begin to squeal, or if you can’t remember how many years it’s been since someone checked them, it is probably time to have them inspected by a professional. Squealing brakes are a sign that the brake pad is too worn, this sound is an indicator built-in intentionally by the manufacturer to signify excessive wear and warn you that it is time to replace your brake pads. Brake pads generally last between 25,000-75,000 miles. If your brake pads haven’t been changed in over 75,000 miles then it is definitely time to change them even if they aren’t making any squealing noise.

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Spark Plugs And Ignition Coils Services Baltimore

Both spark plugs and ignition coils are core parts of the ignition system. Due to the low tolerance for error in any part of the ignition system, if any part of this system fails it can cause your vehicle to misfire, have difficulties starting or run and idle roughly. Fortunately, it is a relatively inexpensive fix due to the common nature of the problem. Checking and replacing this system is part of your vehicle’s routine maintenance program. If you are experiencing any of the problems just described, there may be an issue with your ignition system.

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Engine Tune Ups Baltimore!

Modern engines are getting more complex every year. Computers and sensors play an ever-increasing role in today’s vehicles. Almost every part of a modern vehicle has a sensor and when these sensors fail or a part of your engine breaks it can cause other features to stop working as well. Sometimes, this can lead to your engine misfiring, timing issues, overheating, or a whole lot of other problems. If you suspect that your engine needs a tune-up, whether it’s a sensor that’s displaying an error message on your dashboard, noise or smell coming from your engine, call me today or set up an appointment online at and receive %20 off your first service call.

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Regular Vehicle Maintenance Baltimore

Do you have a tail-light out, a broken windshield wiper, cracked window or mirror? Do you require an oil change, transmission fluids, your tires rotated or your blinker fluid topped up (just kidding)? All jokes aside, regular vehicle maintenance is very important. Keeping your fluids topped up and your engine tuned can greatly increase the lifespan of your vehicle. On top of that, regular vehicle maintenance is important for safety reasons too!

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Fleet Service Baltimore

I understand the challenges associated with running a fleet of vehicles. During my time as a mechanic, I have spoken with many fleet managers frustrated that they need to pull vehicles out of service rotation for maintenance at a mechanic shop. As a mobile mechanic, I am able to offer fleet managers the option to service their vehicles outside of service hours wherever the vehicle is located. As well, I am even able to repair the while it is out in the field during service hours.

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Baltimore’s Mobile Mechanic

  • If you have broken down and are stuck somewhere needing to get home, or if you need regularly scheduled maintenance to keep your vehicle running right, call the most professional, knowledgeable, passionate, dedicated mobile mechanic in Baltimore. I will treat your vehicle with the utmost respect and courtesy and always work on it as if it were my own. Call today and discover why so many Baltimore residents are switching to mobile mechanic services to repair and maintain their vehicles.
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Mobile Repair Baltimore
Average rating:  
 2 reviews
 by Robert Cole
Nice Service

Boy it's great to find a mobile mechanic in Boston that knows what he is doing, not to mention the convenience of having the work done at my house. I had a diagnostic and spark plugs done. Caeser is a great guy and explained everything on the diagnostic report. Highly recommended!

 by Jason Bishop
Nice Service

Going to be honest, I probably should have but I didn’t really have a solid understanding of what spark plugs and ignition coils were and just how important they are to one’s vehicle prior to having my vehicle looked at by Baltimore’s best mobile mechanic