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With our traveling auto mechanic services, we will come to your aid and rescue. We can help and get you and your car back on the road.

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About Jessie,
Best Mobile Mechanic Fort Worth TX!

Mobile Auto Repair in Fort Worth TX!

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Jessie, and I am the best mobile mechanic in all of Fort Worth. Whoa, there buddy, that’s a big claim, I hope you have some solid facts to back that up! I am glad you mentioned that, I have 25 years of experience working in Auto Repair Shops plus and addition 10 years of experience working doing mobile vehicle repairs as a mobile mechanic. My decade of experience specifically in being a mobile mechanic and my overall 35 years of working as a mechanic are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what makes me the best mobile mechanic in Fort Worth.

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Car Repair & Maintenance

Pre-purchase Used Car Inspection Fort Worth TX

With over a decade of experience as an auto mechanic, I am ready and available to serve you on-site at your convenience. I will carry out a full inspection or a custom inspection to suit your specific needs. The external looks of a vehicle may be deceiving as most car owners will do a good paint job before selling the car. However, the engine, brakes, lights, and other essential aspects may be faulty. My objective is to provide a clear report on the maintenance status of the vehicles. If there are repairs needed, I will let you know before the purchase.

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On-Site Vehicle Repair Fort Worth TX!

Instead of you asking yourself where or the mechanic when for your vehicle repair, have Fort Worth’s best mobile mechanic ask you where and when. Where is the best place to meet you and when is a convenient time for me to come look at your vehicle. Make life much easier for yourself, have the best come to you rather than trying to find a mechanic and work within their time schedule.
Looking for onsite vehicle repair in Fort Worth? Look no further, the best certified mobile mechanic will meet you where and when you want. Gone are the days where it takes days or weeks to get your vehicle in to have work done on it by mechanic, who may or may not be certified or a high-quality professional. No longer do you have to wait or sacrifice quality for saved time.

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Vehicle Diagnostic Services in Fort Worth TX!

When something indicates the car is having trouble underneath the hood, it’s important to promptly tend to it to minimize damage and downtime. Contact Mobile Mechanic Auto Repair Fort Worth TX today for our Vehicle Diagnostic Services to get you back on the road in no time! We do not perform emissions testing; however, we do perform emissions repairs.
While the car may appear to be fine in spite of the dashboard lights, ignoring the problem could lead to serious damage or failure, which is a major safety hazard. Because of this, it’s critically important to bring your car into our certified professionals immediately when lights appear on the dashboard for our Vehicle Diagnostics Fort Worth services. No matter wherever you are in Fort Worth, we will reach out to you!

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Brake Repair and Replacement Fort Worth!

Brake maintenance is important in helping ensure the safety of you and your passengers. There are a number of signs that indicate your brakes need attention and you want to give them the best attention there is. Brake Repair and Replacement shouldn’t be left for just anyone to accomplish. All brake repairs and brake shops are not the same and at Mobile Mechanic Auto Repair Fort Worth TX, we know stellar service doesn’t have to exclude cost-effective solutions.
Consult a certified technician for a brake inspection any time you notice any irregularities in your vehicle’s braking performance. However, you can get the best quality of service at a reasonable cost here at Brake Repair and Replacement Fort Worth, TX. So, don’t wait to call us if you need the service.

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Spark Plugs and Ignition Coils Fort Worth TX!

Are you in Dallas? Do you need to take care of your vehicle? Well, if you really want to perform some car modification, the best thing is to first take care of your engine performance because car modification is not only about changing your car body kits and installing some subwoofers to add a groove in your sound. No car modification is completed if the car’s performance is not state of the art. For this purpose, you may get much advice. I would specifically refer to the car’s spark plugs and ignition coils and their impact on engine performance and how you can do some modifications either by spark plug replacement or spark plug gapping or choosing the right plugs for your car by assessing and reading spark plugs requirements for your car.

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Fort Worth Engine Tune Ups!

Better Fuel Mileage: Tuning up your engine allows your vehicle to be more fuel efficient which means less visits to the pump and less damage to your wallet since your vehicle will get more miles per gallon.
Efficiency of Combustion Chamber: All the systems in your vehicle work better when you get your engine tuned up which by default leads to better function in the combustion chamber of the engine which gives your vehicle a smoother ride.
Overall, engine tune-ups promote a longer life for both your engine and your vehicle which is why you should have them done routinely by a professional with the expertise I have.

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Regular Vehicle Maintenance Fort Worth TX!

Over time you will notice your vehicle running less and less efficiently with it having more trouble doing the tasks that it could easily complete before. This is due to the build of smoke and pollutants in the engine systems leaving them less efficient and thus making the combustion chamber function with less and less efficiency. Also, you will notice yourself making more trips to the gas station because your vehicle will be burning fuel at a higher capacity due to the engine not being tuned up. Don’t let this happen to your vehicle, the Best Mobile Mechanic in Fort Worth is one call away!
Regular Vehicle Maintenance Fort Worth TX has more experienced mechanics and will easily give you the best quality of service, if you are in Fort Worth. Just let us know where to go, we will be right there shortly!

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Fort Worth TX Mobile Mechanic

The Care Your Car Needs

  • When Fort Worth’s best mobile mechanic arrives, you should expect a well-versed professional mechanic to guide you through the process of diagnosing and repairing your vehicle as well as your expectations for my visit, services provided, and customer service to be exceeded by me. I know to stay the best, I must shatter expectations and provide the utmost professionalism when I come to a customer, this is what I strive to do and succeed at on every single visit to a customer. Without you, there is no me, your demand for better and more convenient vehicle service created what I am today, Fort Worth’s best mobile mechanic.
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It was a very nice experience with Jessie.. (:

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It was a very nice experience with  Jessie.. (: