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Mobile Auto Repair, We Bring the shop to you. On-Site car and automobile 911 repair service. Your Car’s local emergency services on the go.

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With our traveling auto mechanic services, we will come to your aid and rescue. We can help and get you and your car back on the road.

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About Jared,
Fresno’s Best Mobile Mechanic

ASE Certified
Certified Master Technician

Fresno is a bustling city with all sorts of businesses and places to explore. If you are in need of a mobile mechanic, I offer the best auto repair in town!
Fresno has many great mechanics that offer their services on-site or at your home for an additional fee. With so many options, it can be hard to find the perfect repair person for your needs.
One of the best things about Fresno is easy to access to a reliable and educated mechanic. I offer auto repair for your car, and I can do major repairs, if necessary, as well as routine maintenance so you can travel worry-free.

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Car Repair & Maintenance

Pre-Purchase Used Car Inspection Fresno

Fresno’s Best Mobile Mechanic offers a pre-purchase inspection service to help you find out if your car is in good shape before trading it in or buying it secondhand.
POST QUALITY INSPECTION: Fresno’s Best Mobile Mechanic also performs maintenance and quality inspections of all types of vehicles, such as cars, trucks, RVs, boats, and planes.
TRADE-IN VALUE: Fresno’s Best has the most competitive trade-in value for used cars off any Fresno auto repair shop! Save money when replacing your old vehicle with a new one (or sell outright). I will buy your Junker at a top dollar so I can recycle it responsibly.

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On-Site Vehicle Repair Fresno, California!

Fresno’s Best Mobile Mechanic also offers on-site vehicle repair services. If you need a tow for your car or truck, Fresno’s Best can provide that too!
I am Fresno’s best mobile mechanic and I pride myself in providing friendly service with quality workmanship at an affordable price. Fresno residents have trusted me since my business first opened its doors because they know they are getting honest work from someone who is dependable and professional. Whether it be boat repairs, RV maintenance, Honda engine replacements, transmission servicing or any other type of automotive assistance Fresno locals can count on Fresno’s Best to get the job done right without breaking their budget.

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Top Vehicle Diagnostics Fresno, California!

I want to be the one who gets you back on your way. I have been in this business for a long time and know how important it is to get things done right, so that’s what I do at my shop! When people come here with their cars, they can rest assured knowing that not only am I going through all of the diagnostic tests necessary to find out what exactly needs to be fixed but also why these repairs are needed in order to fix any further issues down the line. Don’t trust anyone else when there is someone like me around to see if you’re covered by our lifetime warranty today!

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Brake Replacement and Repair Fresno!

The best time to get your brakes replaced is when you notice a problem. Your car can’t stop properly or it’s hard to push on the brake pedal and it will eventually lead to more serious issues that could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. If this sounds like what’s happening with your vehicle, then call Fresno’s Best Mobile Mechanic for professional brake replacement and repair services today!

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Spark Plugs and Ignition Coils Services Fresno

Each day, car owners in Fresno experience the frustration of their vehicle not starting. There are many reasons for this problem and it is important that you find a mobile mechanic to diagnose your car so you know what needs to be fixed. Fresno’s Best Mobile Mechanic does more than just spark plugs and ignition coils, I can also do transmission work if needed. If your brakes need repair or replacement, I can help with that too!

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Engine Tune Ups Fresno, California!

A well-maintained vehicle running on an efficient engine could last years before needing replacement or repair. Letting deposits build up inside of the cylinders slows down performance as well as signs that are costly repairs in order to keep it going at all costs just so they don’t need another one right away. To avoid this issue replacing items often leads many people into debt due to high prices and lack of funds available but when there’s peace with having enough money getting rid of these issues allows customers like yourself to enjoy their cars without worrying about them being a burden.

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Regular Vehicle Maintenance Fresno

Have you ever wondered why they say the little things matter? Well, when it comes to your vehicle this is also true. Regular check-ups keep any small issues from becoming much bigger problems in the future by catching them now before they have time to become a problem for you. You do regular self-checks on yourself and yet another lifelines deserves that same care, don’t be neglectful!

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Fleet Service Fresno

If you have a fleet of vehicles and need trustworthy mechanics, I am happy to service them. Are you in charge of maintaining your company’s fleet? Do you want reliable technicians who can work on all the cars- even at short notice?
Having trouble keeping up with all those pesky repairs? Are there too many cars for one mechanic to handle? No worries: I offer mobile repair services that let me come straight out to your business where I will work so they don’t distract from my usual customers’ talk about convenience.

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Fresno Mobile Mechanic

  • If you are in Fresno, CA, and need automotive assistance on the go, Fresno’s Best Mobile Mechanic is here for you! Fresno’s Best has been providing quality auto repair services to Fresno residents for years. I provide only top-quality parts so that I can guarantee my workmanship for years to come.
  • It’s no secret that cars are expensive. It can cost a fortune to keep your car running, which is why so many people hire mobile mechanics like Fresno’s Best Mobile Mechanics. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider hiring me:
    I offer the best rates in town
    I only charge for what needs to be done
    I have years of experience and know-how to fix almost any problem
    You don’t need an appointment or even leave your home
    There isn’t much I won’t do
    You get peace of mind knowing I will show up on time
    And last but not least I come right to you!
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It was a very nice experience with Jared.. (:

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It was a very nice experience with  Jared.. (: