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Mobile Auto Repair, We Bring the shop to you. On-Site car and automobile 911 repair service. Your Car’s local emergency services on the go.

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With our traveling auto mechanic services, we will come to your aid and rescue. We can help and get you and your car back on the road.

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About Aaron,
Las Vegas Best Mobile Mechanic!

ASE Certified
Master Automotive Technician
A/C Certified
Emissions Certified
ACDelco Certified

My name is Aaron, and I am Las Vegas Best Mobile Mechanic! I look forward to servicing your vehicle today. Why am I the Best, you ask? I have over 23 years automotive & diesel experience to include a heavy equipment military background and a few other top-secret pieces of equipment under my belt, I am a Former AGE ranger with the USAF; an MRAP mechanic for All Forces. I have Master ASE certifications in engine repair, Diagnostics, (Check engine lights are my favorite) automatic transmissions and trans-axles, suspension; and steering, brakes, electrical, electronic and aftermarket installation, heating and air conditioning, and lastly aftermarket engine performance. I am experienced with all makes and models, and assure you that you are in good hands. You can rely on my professionalism and experience to repair your pride and joy in a timely and efficient manner. My motto is Inspect what you expect. Measure twice, cut once is also a good one. I will treat your vehicle the same way I treat mine, and fixed it right the first time. Las Vegas Mobile Mechanic is here for you!

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Auto Repair and Regular Vehicle Maintenance Las Vegas NV!

Las Vegas Pre-Purchase Used Car Inspection

Before buying a pre-owned car, get in touch with me and I will be happy to do pre-purchase used car inspection. This is to protect your interest so you don’t end up paying for a faulty vehicle. As your local go-to mechanic in Las Vegas, I am committed to providing you a hassle-free and thorough inspection of the vehicle you plan to purchase. As a mobile mechanic, I will come to you on-site. Some of the key areas that I will be looking for include: Signs of previous collision damage, Signs of earlier repairs, Mechanical defects, Wear and tear, Hidden engine problems, Flood damage, Quality of safety accessories like airbags and seat belts, and Deferred maintenance issues.

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On-Site Vehicle Repair Las Vegas NV!

Mobile Mechanic Las Vegas, NV is committed to keeping your operation up and running. We provide mobile maintenance and repair services throughout Las Vegas, NV. Our highly-trained mobile technicians will arrive at your site with the right tools and fully-stocked with the parts needed for any job from forklift repair to skid-steer preventive maintenance to get you back up and running. Whether you have a scheduled service appointment or an emergency that requires immediate attention, Mobile Mechanic Las Vegas, NV is capable of providing timely and reliable service to keep your operations running smoothly.
Contact us about your On-Site Vehicle Repair needs, or call us first when you need emergency repairs.

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Las Vegas Mobile Vehicle Diagnostics

Is your check engine or service engine soon light on or flashing? If so, this indicates a problem with your vehicle. From something as simple as a gas cap to something actually making your vehicle run rough or in some cases not run at all. Unfortunately, whether your problem is big or small it can lead to major issues more costly repairs and in some cases make it so your vehicle will not pass Nevada’s mandatory smog inspection.
Here at Mobile Mechanic Las Vegas, NV, we have the Mobile Vehicle Diagnostics equipment to get you and your vehicle running better than ever. We are a mobile mechanic and we can come to you at any time. Safe and Reliable is our goal!!! If you have any questions about any abnormal lights on your dash please feel free to give us a call at Mobile Mechanic Las Vegas, NV. We will be more than happy to help you fix your concern.

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Las Vegas Brake Replacement and Repair

Mobile Mechanic Las Vegas, NV specializes in brake repair services. Our mobile brake repair technicians offer a complimentary brake inspection service, where they will take the time to inspect your vehicle’s brake system and report back to you. If your brakes need to be repaired, we will show you the exact problems, so you can better understand the exact work that should be performed. Also, if you need to replace your brake, we will politely ask you to do so. We use only the highest quality brake parts and provide affordable brake repair services.
Most brake repairs can be completed while you wait. We realize that your time is important, so we work hard to get you back on the road safely. If you are in Las Vegas, NV, please call to set up an appointment, schedule a free brake inspection or ask any questions you may have. We will be pleased to help you in any condition!

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Spark Plug and Ignition Coils Las Vegas NV

What exactly does the spark plugs and ignition coils do? An ignition coil, also known as a spark coil, is an induction coil in your vehicle’s ignition system which transforms the battery’s low voltage into thousands of volts, which are needed to create an electric spark in the spark plugs to ignite the fuel. Ignition coils can have either an internal resistor or an external resistor or resistor wire, which serves the purpose of limiting the current flowing into the coil from the vehicle’s battery. They also have another high voltage wire which goes from the ignition coil to the distributor, and wires from the distributor to each of the spark plugs, called spark plug wires or high-tension leads.
As Spark Plugs and Ignition Coils is so much important thing for your vehicle, you have to take care of it timely with an expert. Anyway, if you live in Las Vegas, NV, Mobile Mechanic Las Vegas, NV can find you. No matter wherever you are, our mobile mechanic will reach out to you shortly! Call us!

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Las Vegas Spark Engine Tune Ups

Engine tune-ups are very important for our vehicles, even though there are no indicators that will drive us to take our vehicle in for one. The engine tune-ups requirement may vary from vehicle to vehicle-based on mileage and age. Although you can find recommended schedules for tune-ups in your owner manual, consulting an automotive service mechanic can help you get a better consultation. Mobile Mechanic Las Vegas, NV provides comprehensive and top-notch vehicle maintenance, which includes engine maintenance as one of the important steps in maintenance.
Mobile Mechanic Las Vegas, NV goes through a series of inspections.

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Las Vegas Regular Vehicle Maintenance

Regular vehicle maintenance is a process in which vehicles are properly inspected and checked on a regular basis. In such a process, servicing of vehicle parts is done and fluid levels are checked. Such maintenance is necessary to ensure that the vehicle is safe for long-distance travels, reliable enough, drivable and comfortable at the same time.
Vehicle maintenance needs to be scheduled regularly. The scheduling depends upon various factors like the year of make, the model of the automobile and its exact driving condition. Regardless, it is important for the owner of the vehicle to go for a regular check-up of the vehicle.
However, if you are in Las Vegas, NV and if you don’t have enough time to take care of your vehicle, Mobile Mechanic Las Vegas, NV is always ready to assist you in any condition. Call us and let us know!

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  • I provide you with the convenience of getting your automobile repaired fast without using your personal time by bringing the auto repair shop to you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re at work or at home cooking dinner, I will come to your aid. No longer will you have to contact a tow truck service or spend hours off trying to get your vehicle fixed at the shop. The professional and reliable service from Las Vegas Mobile Auto Repair is the solution.
  • If you notice something going wrong with your vehicle, call the only Mobile Mechanic Las Vegas, NV that you need
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 by Hardy
Nice Man

My Corvette is 20 years old, runs great. With the repairs done by top tech Aron It feels like my vette is 10 years old and Getting younger

 by John
Great Experience

​Early for the appointment. Excellent communication. Work was done above my expectations in every aspect. I’ll be telling everyone I know about Wrench and Aron specifically.

 by Tom
Nice Service

Aron is very courteous and an expert as an auto mechanic. He did a great job in performing what needed to be done and test-drove my car to ensure reliability.