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Mobile Auto Repair, We Bring the shop to you. On-Site car and automobile 911 repair service. Your Car’s local emergency services on the go.

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With our traveling auto mechanic services, we will come to your aid and rescue. We can help and get you and your car back on the road.

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About Moises,
Long Island’s Best Mobile Mechanic

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Hi I’m Moises, Long Island’s Best Mobile Mechanic!
Finding a mechanic you trust and that will give you honest estimates and quality workmanship can be challenging.
Imagine having a mobile auto repair shop in Long Island, New York that you can rely on for all of your vehicle’s needs. An auto mobile repair shop where they’ll always give you honest answers and never try to sell you something that isn’t needed. A shop with mechanics who are friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. And imagine being able to get same-day service when necessary!

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Car Repair & Maintenance

Pre-Purchase Used Car Inspection Long Island

Don’t go it alone when you shop for a new or used vehicle, have someone on your side, the car salesperson is there is sell, not to make sure you get the best vehicle for the best price possible, that is what we are committed to providing when we come out and do our pre-purchase inspection on the vehicle/s you are considering buying.

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On-Site Vehicle Repair Long Island, New York!

Long Island’s best mobile mechanics come out to you to work on or repair your vehicle. We do not make you come to us, we make it more convenient for you and come to you, thus providing another level of customer service that other local auto mechanics and the local auto repair shops will not provide.

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Top Vehicle Diagnostics Long Island, New York!

When it comes to diagnosing problems with vehicles it all comes down to focus and skill, the New York Islanders must focus and be skilled to get a puck past the other team’s goalie, just like we use our focus and skills to give you the right diagnosis for the issues your vehicle is having.

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Brake Replacement and Repair Long Island!

To replace or to repair? That is the question. But it is a question not asked by many, if any of the other local auto mechanics, or the local auto repair shops. The best mobile mechanics in Long Island ensure that question is asked every time your vehicle needs service for its brakes.

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Spark Plugs and Ignition Coils Services Long Island

Just like breakfast gets you going in the morning, your vehicle’s spark plugs, and ignition coils get your vehicle going. They give your vehicle that git up it needs to get it through the travel required and they keep it starting back up every time you need your vehicle to do so.

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Engine Tune Ups Long Island, New York!

Your engine is like the heart of your vehicle if it is gunked up or not running at its best you are going to notice. That is why it is mission critical for your vehicle to make sure you schedule and keep appointments for engine tune-ups for your vehicle throughout the year.

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Regular Vehicle Maintenance Long Island

If you take care of your body, it will take care of you and let you do the things that you need to do. It is the same with your vehicle if you take care of your vehicle through regular vehicle maintenance then it will take care of you and let you get to all the places that you need to go, and the trip will be much smoother with the vehicle well maintained.

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Fleet Service Long Island

Perhaps you manage a business that delivers local food to the King Kullen grocery store chain, or maybe you work for the Town of Hempstead and one of your responsibilities is ensuring the fleet of vehicles used by the town are well maintained. Either way, our fleet service is just what you need to keep your vehicles on the road longer and in the auto repair shop less.

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Long Island Mobile Mechanic

  • A great place to live with everything one could ask for and, in a state, where dreams are made and anything is possible, yes that is right, Long Island, New York, is all that and more. Countless famous people call it home, there is plenty to do here, and when it comes to where it is as they say in the real estate business, location, location, location. The city with all you could want, and more is home to lots of memorable and high-quality products and services as well. Among them is the top of line auto/auto repair services offered and delivered by Long Island’s best mobile mechanics that make any commute throughout the town not only possible but much easier for those that travel through whether its to visit the city, to just get around the town daily, or whether they are just traveling through on their way to another city, state, or even country depending on their end destination.
  • What makes our auto/auto repair services so good? That comes down to just five words: superior, smooth, drive, creative, and relentless.
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 by John
Great Experience

It was a very nice experience with  Moises.. (:

 by Frank
Nice Service

It was a very nice experience with  Moises.. (: