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With our traveling auto mechanic services, we will come to your aid and rescue. We can help and get you and your car back on the road.

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About Ken,
Portland’s Best Mobile Mechanic

ASE Certified
A/C Certified
Emissions Certified
ACDelco Certified

Greetings, I’m Ken, Portland’s Best Mobile Mechanic!
Started my career in the 1980’s after getting out of the Navy. Started at Ford and then went to Dodge and then settled into GM for a 25-year span. I am an L1 advanced re-certified master technician. GM master certified and Washington State emissions master.
I’m Friendly and Fast so I can help you at affordable rates, compared to most of the good auto shops.
So call me or fill out that form or click that button and I will help you get your car back on its tires.

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Mobile Mechanic Services Portland OR!

Pre-Purchase Used Car Inspection Portland

For the best results, the inspection should be carried out by a professional mechanic. The advantage of choosing my services is the fact that I will come to the location of the seller. This saves you the trouble of having to move the vehicle to an auto shop for inspection. I will inspect every mechanical, safety, and even appearance issue. Ultimately, I will let you know the true value of the car and any underlying issues that the car may have. My mobile inspections are fast and efficient as you will get the inspection report in a short while.
If you notice something is wrong with your vehicle, I’m the guy to call, as I am a trustworthy Portland Mobile Mechanic who has more than ten years of experience and provide top quality mobile auto inspection services. My first experience in the auto repair began in an auto shop where I worked for more than 25 years. This enabled me to learn techniques inefficiently inspecting cars, thus making me a highly experienced master mobile mechanic.

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On-site Vehicle Repair Portland Oregon!

Do you need On-Site Vehicle Repair? Is your car consuming oil? The consumption of oil in an engine, is a factor that points us to the possibility that there is internal wear that may require us to overhaul the engine? Does it consume a new engine oil or not?
We must remember that one of the main and most important goals of the oil inside the engine is to lubricate, inside the engine we have parts such as the crankshaft, connecting rods, camshafts, valves, pistons, rings, and cylinders in constant movement, Due to this, the engine is provided with a lubrication system whose mission is to disperse a thin layer of oil between these moving parts in order to protect the engine from severe and accelerated wear. However, if you feel that you need to take care of your vehicle, you can undoubtedly call at Portland Mobile Mechanic Auto Repair that has sound ability to fix your vehicle. We would love to be that Mobile Mechanic. Give us a call, and we’ll come to you and perform On-Site Vehicle Repair, quickly, efficiently, and affordably!

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Car Diagnostics Portland Oregon!

Is your vehicle acting up, and you’re not sure why? Has your check engine light illuminated, and you want to know what’s going on with your vehicle? Is it a quick fix, or something more major? If you are in the Portland area, and looking to have Vehicle Diagnostics service, then Portland Mobile Mechanic Auto Repair is here to serve you! No need to take your car to a shop, or come to us, we’ll come to your home, your work place, or any location, in any condition. We’ve invested in some of the most efficient mobile engine diagnostic equipment and the latest technology to be able to get to the heart of any engine issues your car may have.
Portland’s Best Mobile Mechanic has the state-of-the-art equipment, the commitment, and the expertise, to diagnose whatever issues your car may have, get it fixed, and back on the road quickly! Call us today!

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Brake Replacement and Repair Portland OR!

When it comes to the brakes of your vehicle, you cannot afford to be uncertain. Portland Mobile Mechanic Auto Repair offers very reliable Brake Replacement, and Brake Repair as well as steering, and suspension servicing. One of the basic services to the auto will always be the brake system, due to its constant use, friction of parts and high temperatures is one of the points that need constant revision because of the wear that generates in the brake pad as in the Disc becomes drastic, we will talk about front disc brakes because at the moment it is what is installed most of the factory in most of the marks, besides clear this one to know that the greater braking pressure always generates in the first axis, for Which, it is completely normal to change the front brakes more regularly than the rear brakes. Let us know where you are in Portland, we will find you!

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Spark Plugs and Ignition Coils Portland OR!

In my many years of working on Vehicles, we found that there is no magic in Spark plugs. With Plugs that have multiple electrodes, all those extra electrodes end up shrouding the spark and, in my opinion, do the exact opposite of the claims they make. The best plug for power or mileage would be a side or surface gap plug because the spark is almost completely unshrouded from any electrode. The power difference is minimal if any but some modified cars require a side gaped and indexed plug because of possible interference with the Dome on High compression pistons. I have used about every Spark plug known to man. At one time I owned an old Toyota pickup that I was trying to increase the power and mileage on and can tell you that none of them made a difference.
So that is my opinion on the ignition system. In theory, for the best performance and economy, use standard plugs that are side gaped and an aftermarket ignition box but chances are that you won’t feel or see a difference in mileage or performance unless you have a heavily modified vehicle or your factory parts are in bad shape. Bottom line, keep your factory ignition parts in good shape and they will give you everything that you can hope for.

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Engine Tune-Ups Portland OR!

Engine tune-ups are very important routines of maintaining your vehicle’s optimum performance and longevity. Many crucial parts in your vehicle only have a certain amount of miles that you can drive on them before their life expires. A tune-up is referred to as a major service, one which every driver should have at least every two years. Many parts of your vehicle require more regular maintenance than that, but drivers heavily reliant on their vehicles should bring their vehicles in once a year just to keep an eye on your automobile and stop little problems before they become great big repair bills.
At Portland Mobile Mechanic Auto Repair, you can get more life out of a well-tuned vehicle, and that longer life will be more productive and efficient than it would be if you left your vehicle to the ravages of time and the lovely Midwest weather. Regular maintenance means fewer catastrophic breakdowns and fewer major mechanical repairs to your vehicle.

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Regular Vehicle Maintenance Portland OR!

The last thing on many of our minds is vehicle maintenance. We drive our vehicle s and trucks daily, but rarely do we want to think about fixing them. None of us enjoy taking our vehicle to the shop, however, a little proactive maintenance can go a long way toward keeping vehicles on the road instead of the shoulder. Remember to Change Your Oil!
Regular and proactive vehicle maintenance is no doubt an inconvenience, however, by following this guide, you can easily remember what your vehicle’s needs will be and anticipate which services you will need beforehand. If you are in Portland and want to get the best quality of service, then you can easily call at Portland Mobile Mechanic Auto Repair. Not only does regular maintenance result in a more pleasant driving experience for you, but keeping your vehicle’s internals in shape can lead to the higher resale value if the time comes to sell. Call us right now, we will be pleased to assist you!

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Auto Detailing Portland Oregon!

Fresh, professional, and a pleasure to ride in could all be ways you and others describe your vehicle with our well-seasoned mobile mechanic taking care of your auto detailing. Life is busy enough and there are barely enough hours in the day for the everyday things, let us cross off keeping your vehicle in great shape internally and externally for you.

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Tire Changes Portland Oregon!

To remain balanced when driving on the road and for the ride to be smooth you need all four tires to be properly inflated and working at their best with the right air pressure. When something throws off that balance like a flat or deflating tire it makes your ride less smooth and can interrupt your daily flow, we can minimize this interruption with our quick and effective tire changes done by our expert mobile mechanics.

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Mobile Car Repair Portland
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  • Being a Portland Mobile Mechanic is great. Not only does this work require endurance and dedication, it also demands for my time and attention. It’s good that I love what I do.  The auto repair business is a competitive industry. According to the Ibis World report, the auto repair industry has increased at a steady rate from 2012-2017. In fact, there are nearly 260,000 auto repair businesses operating in the USA entering 2018. That is why I take my work very seriously. I continually strive to be the best in the area. Whether your vehicle won’t start, suddenly breaks down in the middle of the road or just needs an oil change, I am the man for the job!
  • Let Portland’s Best Mobile Mechanic put years of experience to practice by choosing calling me as your Portland Car Repair specialist. Mobile Car Repair Portland 503-974-3515
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Mobile Repair Portland
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 3 reviews
 by Ben G
Nice Service

Very reasonable especially when you consider the convenience! I always trust meeting the guy working on my car first! Thanks Tom!

 by Drew C
Nice Man

Sweet! Got my car fixed and didn't even need to leave my house! Thanks!

 by Harley Read
Great Experience

I would recommend Ken to everyone I know. Not only is he efficient he is also very well organized, very reasonable and reliable. Ken came and saved us when we could not even get into our own mechanic. Why worry about when you can schedule to have your vehicle to go into the shop when you can have Ken come right to your door. What better service is that? He comes very highly recommended. I have given out his cards to my neighbors / friends and family. He is definitely my go to guy now. I already have him scheduled to come back to do another repair. Thanks Ken for a job well done!!!