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Mobile Auto Repair, We Bring the shop to you. On-Site car and automobile 911 repair service. Your Car’s local emergency services on the go.

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With our traveling auto mechanic services, we will come to your aid and rescue. We can help and get you and your car back on the road.

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About Bill,
Trenton’s Best Mobile Mechanic

ASE Certified
A/C Certified

Hi I’m Bill, Trenton’s Best Mobile Mechanic. I know that is a Bold claim BUT…I am ASE Certified and A/C Certified, and I have worked in a shop for 20 years. I’m a field trained master mechanic, and have the experience and know-how to fix anything wrong with your car. I also have the equipment to troubleshoot the problem whatever it may be.
I’m Friendly and Fast, so I can help you at very low cost. So, call me and I’ll get you and your car back on the road! No matter how big or small the job might be, I guarantee my work.

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Car Repair & Maintenance

Pre-Purchase Used Car Inspection

Looks can be deceiving and this still applies to vehicles. If you have to pay for a car, then you will need to look beyond the smooth and glossy finish. Unfortunately, this can be a challenge if you do not have the relevant experience. I am a certified mechanic and I will focus my inspection on mechanical, electrical safety, and also structural features. There are certain things like water damage, accident damage, and a worn-out frame that may be hidden. A professional and trained mechanic will be able to highlight such defects at the end of the pre-purchase used car inspection.
Besides car buyers, I work with car dealers and private parties that are selling cars. Before listing your vehicle for sale, it would be prudent to have the vehicle inspected. This is a great way to know the specific areas that you can improve on so as to get a good price for the vehicle. Since I am unbiased and have the right experience, I will make honest recommendations in my evaluation report and this will be valuable to you. You can confidently sell your vehicle with the certainty of its condition.

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Battery Replacement

If you are getting a warning message from your battery or it suddenly fails, contact us to have your car back on the road, running with minimal downtime. Battery failure will unarguably make your vehicle non-operational. However, you can count on Trenton’s Best Mobile Mechanic to help you out, as fast as possible. Regardless of what happened to your battery, we will help you swap the dead battery for a new one. We are dedicated to getting you back on the move to catch up with your appointment. Call us now at 609-739-9010.

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Contact us for auto diagnostics at home or office. If you need your car to be examined for performance issues, call us for a mobile diagnostic service. We have the latest diagnostic tools that will give you the most accurate report on your car issues.
Trenton’s Best Mobile Mechanic also specializes in auto diagnostics to help you get back on the road quickly. Our reputation is built on reliability; we will always be there for you. Contact us immediately if you start receiving notifications on your dashboard or your car gives you signs that bother you. We will get your vehicle diagnosed correctly and give you a comprehensive report.

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Brake Service

When your car’s brakes start giving signs of inefficiency or complete failure, we are the reliable mobile mechanic in Trenton you can contact for immediate brake service to get back on the road safely again.
Your safety and the safety of other road users depend on the efficiency of your braking system. Call us to fix your brakes now. You can rely on our expertise for brake caliper replacement, brake pad replacement, brake drum fixing, disc replacement, ABS, and lots more. Please do not bother to drive your car to a mechanic’s facility; we will come and fix it right where you are.

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Vehicle Maintenance and Preventive Maintenance

Contact us for the best auto preventative maintenance. Regular and correct maintenance of your car will guarantee maximum performance, efficiency, and extended durability. Avoid costly repairs that result from the lack of vehicle maintenance.
Our vehicle maintenance is comprehensive, and it includes all the essential aspects of your vehicle, such as fuel injection, oil and filter, transmission fluid change, and spark plugs replacement, among others. Our ASE certified mechanics will ensure that your vehicle is fit for your everyday use. Rest assured, we are committed to your car’s best performance and safety.

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Engine Repair

Your car’s engine is the heart of your vehicle. The bulk of your vehicle’s performance depends on it. And it is crucial that is works correctly because it determines the overall functionality of your car.

When your car’s engine becomes faulty, or you wish to optimize its performance, contact Trenton’s Best Mobile Mechanic now. As a reliable mobile mechanic in Trenton, we will come and repair your broken engine anywhere you are in Trenton. We will restore your car’s engine to the best condition, and you can get back on the road in no time.

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Heating & Air Conditioning

Your comfort anytime you are in your car is paramount to us. When your car has issues with its heating and air conditioning systems, call us today. Let Trenton’s Best Mobile Mechanic keep you comfortable in your vehicle at any preferred temperature.
Our ASE certified mechanics are experts at fixing the heating and air conditioning systems of vehicles. We will ensure that all components work optimally by servicing, repairing, or replacing damaged parts. We will fix weak airflow and all coolant issues. Do not suffer in silence; get the best from your car’s heating and air conditioning system today.

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Auto Detailing

You get yourself cleaned up and all jazzed up why not do the same for your vehicle? Auto Detailing is an important part of taking care of your vehicle, if you take good care of your vehicle, it will take good care of you and will also make you look better. So do yourself a favor call us out today and we will professionally detail your vehicle and have it looking and smelling on point.

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Tire Change

Keep the wheels turning on your day and, on your vehicle, when you get a flat tire call us out because we are masters of tire changes and many other auto/auto repair services. Like 1, 2, 3, we will be out there, taking your deflated tire off, putting your spare tire on and having you riding off again in no time at all. Quick, affordable, and reliable is what we are and we enjoy proving it every time we get a call.

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Trenton’s Best Mobile Mechanic

  • Have you ever needed a reliable mobile mechanic for onsite auto repair? Are you searching for the best mobile mechanic in Trenton for fast and efficient car repair? Do not search any further; you have come to the right place. Welcome to Trenton’s Best Mobile Mechanic. I’m your go-to reliable mobile mechanic in Trenton. I’m dedicated to providing you with a seamless driving experience through our comprehensive mobile auto repair service.
  • From auto diagnostics to battery replacement, engine repair, brake service, preventative maintenance, vehicle maintenance, and heating and air conditioning services, I assure you of an enhanced experience. I will provide the services at your home or office without any inconvenience to you.
  • I have more than ten years of experience with in-depth knowledge of a wide variety of car brands, cutting-edge tools, etc., to fix your vehicle correctly and give you the confidence and peace of mind you deserve when you get behind the wheel. Our services are specially tailored to your needs, comfort, convenience, and safety. Regardless of your location in Trenton, I am a reliable mobile mechanic you can depend on for fast, efficient, and superior mobile auto repair and services.
  • Whether your vehicle breaks down on the road or you want it serviced for optimal performance and efficiency, you are only a phone call away to get the most reliable auto repair service you need anywhere in Trenton. We are efficient, licensed, and committed to making your car to be in the top functional and efficient working conditions possible.
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Mobile Repair Trenton
Average rating:  
 3 reviews
 by Sharon Henson
Nice Man

Such a boss! He came the same day when my one and only vehicle wouldn't start. I was stranded. It was my work truck too. A hour and a half later I was on the road. Price was very fair. I could not be happier!

 by Emma Rager
Great Experience

He was very helpful and willing to work with me. He was fast, efficient and charged a very reasonable price for his services. I highly recommend Trenton's Best Mobile Mechanic!

 by Scottie Henley
Nice Service

The Service was great from your customer service was great and very pleasant and professional. This is my first time using, Trenton's Best Mobile Mechanic and I am glad to say I am very pleased with the service. I will definitely use you again and refer you to my friends.